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Welcome to the
Ashern Auction Mart 

The Ashern Auction Mart is located 2 hours north of Winnipeg,
Manitoba on Hwy #6. Sales start in August and run through
to the middle of June. Regular weekly sales run every Wednesday.
In addition, we will run feature Bred Cow sales, Purebred sales,
and Special sales on Saturdays throughout the year; we also are
a holding and compiling station for sheep. Our buyers’ market
goes throughout Canada and extends down into the northern 
United States. We are proud to be owned by our members throughout Manitoba.

Starting for the spring of 2016 the Ashern Auction Mart will be running the option of selling cattle with a pencil
shrink if interested call Kirk for more information 204-768-0019 

About Us

In 1956, 10 cattle producers had a vision to start a cattle auction mart in Ashern.  In 1957, the auction mart was started with each of the 10 producers signing a $10,000 bank note. The first sale was held on September 22, 1957 and in 1958 the Ashern Auction Mart became a cooperative, As we move forward to 2016 the vision has not changed, the Auction mart's desire to serve all the present and future livestock marketing need of our members while building up our communities and the agriculture industry in the Interlake.

At the Ashern Auction Mart we run regular weekly sales every Wednesday starting at 9:00 am. In addition, we will run feature Bred Cow sales, Purebred sales and Special sales on Saturdays throughout the year. Our buyers’ market goes throughout  Canada and extends down into the United States. Feel free to contact us today.





Kirk Kiesman

Outside crew



Head of the West side (penning)







About us

Ashern Auction Mart
Serving the Ashern & Area Community

Contact us
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Interlake Cattlemen's Co-operative Association Ltd.
Ashern Auction Mart
Box 599
Ashern Manitoba R0C 0E0
Office: 204-768-2360
Fax: 204-768-3690