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Ashern Auction Mart
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Ashern Auction Mart

Our sales will run until the end of May and one sale on the 10th of June

Covid – 19 response

The Ashern Auction Mart will continue to operate because they are an extremely important link in the food chain.  Many cattle producers rely solely on the auction market for their source of income from cattle sales, and the auctions give the producers a method of true price discovery. 

The majority of the order-buying firms are continuing to support the weekly auctions.  The livestock trucking industry is doing a great job of moving cattle and keeping the supply chain moving.

By incorporating these new restrictions into their daily business practices, the auction markets are working to ensure that the safety of their employees, customers, service providers and families is a priority.

All auction markets in Manitoba will have restricted access to the sale barns and live commercial cattle auctions. 

Access will be restricted to essential persons needed to conduct the sales and will include staff, buyers, and livestock inspection personnel.  

Due to no spectator viewing of the sale we would like you to provide contact information if you wish to be on the phone when your cattle sell

The general public will not be allowed admittance, including consignors or truck drivers. 

Truckers will be able to pick up their loading instructions at the loading docks after the sale and a separate washroom will be provided

The markets will be mailing out cheques or if prior arrangements has occurred will have a pick-up box outside of the market.

The restaurant will be closed Tuesdays but will provide a takeout service to staff and order buyers on Wednesday

Social distancing between staff and between buyers will be enforced.

Buyers will go for their invoices and recaps, one at time and will demonstrate social distancing from the office staff

May 27

Allan Anderson

14 Char Hfrs 635  $  197.50
8 Char Hfrs 584  $  210.00
3 Red Hfrs 643  $  183.50
Ron Geisler      
4 mix Str 721  $  178.00
Calvin Reykdal      
10 xbred Str 662  $  217.00
3 Blk Str 630  $  219.00
John Kostyshyn      
12 Blk Hfrs 944  $  148.00
12 Blk Hfrs 865  $  158.00
Carl Parkes      
5 Blk Str 399  $  250.00
4 Red Str 415  $  244.00
3 Blk Str 340  $  268.00
3 Mix Str 277  $  287.50
4 Blk Hfrs 356  $  223.00
Ed Hummel      
12 Blk Hfrs 581  $  193.00
6 Red Hfrs 598  $  190.00
Little Rock Ranch      
73 Char Hfrs 917  $  152.00
37 Char Hfrs 847  $  160.00
8 Char Hfrs 721  $  175.50
Brad Thorlacius      
14 xbred Str 645  $  223.00
7 xbred Str 519  $  242.50
8 xbred Hfrs 534  $  199.50
6 Char Hfrs 663  $  194.50
Chris & Debbie Wimmer    
10 Blk Hfrs 691  $  189.50
10 Blk Hfrs 666  $  185.00
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Ashern Auction Mart
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